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Cette page référence quelques travaux réalisés par DIMMI pour des clients ou en collaboration avec des artistes.

You will find on this page some works of DIMMI for clients or in collaboration with artists.

For his personal work and official remixes, please go the music page.

For any request, please send us a mail at:

Co-réalisation album

Gaëtan Roussel – Trafic (co-written some songs of the album et co-directed)


Cocoon – Spark (drum programming and co-produced)

Cocoon – Back To One (drum programming and co-produced)

Cocoon – upcoming tracks on the new album


Hollysiz – Give me something (co-written / co-produced)


Louisadonna – Pas moi (co-produced)

Fredrika Stahl & Dominique A

Fredrika Stahl & Dominique A – Finalement la nuit (co-produced)

Composition musique de pub

Compositions, musique à l’image

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